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Biz Jet engages with its Client to determine and understand what the Client’s aviation needs are, where they wish to fly, how much they need to fly, and whether they are going to operate the aircraft privately or wish to offer the asset on the Charter Market.


Delivering on our undertaking to provide a seamless flight experience, we partner with the best of Flight Support Companies, from Flight Planning to Safety Analysis to Fueling to Weather, we Contract with the best to ensure you get to where you need to be on time, safely and cost effectively.


It is often said that buying an Aircraft is the easiest part of Ownership. In our many years of involvement in aviation we have seen many buyers acquire an aircraft with no understanding of the costs of ownership, and then find themselves surprised by the procedures, legislation and costs of maintaining their new aircraft.


Successfully Managing Maintenance is the key to preserving and maintaining an Aircraft’s utility and availability to its owner. Often regulatory compliance on older aircraft is a complex and arcane art- from where to obtain out of production parts, to finding engineers familiar with its systems.


Should you already own an Aircraft, and wish to part with it, or even upgrade or downgrade, our extensive contacts in the industry around the world allow us to List, Advertise, Sell or Trade your Aircraft at the right price in the right market.


From Acquisition to Disposal, Biz Jet ensures an optimal ownership experience in a complex world.

You own your Aircraft as a means of getting from A to B, however Biz Jet takes a broader view that encompasses the entire ownership experience, from the Acquisition to eventual Sale, and guiding you to your destination takes more than just a safely maintained aircraft and well trained crew.

As an aircraft Owner, you need a breadth of capabilities in other areas, including experience in maintenance services, risk management, finance, legal and regulatory issues.

Biz Jet approaches our relationship with our Clients as not just managing an aircraft, we are managing a complex and expensive asset for our Owners.

In the past, many owners had the approach of buy the asset, run it into the ground and then sell for what they could get. Nowadays that model is increasingly been seen as self defeating, and not good for the balance sheets. A structured approach to the buy – use - sell experience is being planned from the get go, so ensuring a good sell price and therefore a less costly purchase when upgrade time rolls around.

The savvy buyer realises there is a sales cycle, a better time to buy, and a better time to sell, and those decisions should not be ruled by emotion, we are here to assist in that process.
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